Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday's Ten

I think I might start listing some of Hallie's little accomplishments or sillies that happen throughout the week in a more fun way. I'm not sure I'll have TEN every week, so this might turn into Friday's Five or Wednesday's One! :o) But I think I can come up with ten right now.

1. Walking backwards
2. Blowing bubbles (real bubbles...with a bubble wand!)
3. Turning herself in circles
4. Chewing up her food and then raking it out of her mouth onto the floor (I wouldn't really call this an accomplishment...more of a new disgusting habit)
5. Stacking her nesting cups
6. Sweeping with her broom (this is SO cute)
7. Saying "Da-dee", "Ma-Ma", "Uh-Ah" (for "Uh-Oh"), "Dig" (Dog), "Ah" (for outside while pointing to/beating on the door), "Ligh" (Light)
8. Following simple commands (Go get your shoes.)
9. Putting our flip-flops on our feet...we haven't been able to go barefoot around here the past few days...our feet must have shoes on them!
10. Giving kisses to just about anyone who asks for one!

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