Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a very wonderful Mother's Day. At church they had a slide show of Mommy's with their little ones (and grown up ones). We haven't been going to church there long, but Jonathan's mom submitted a photo of little Hallie and me! It was a sweet surprise. She used the picture of me getting ready with Hallie in the sink, watching on. It's one of my favorites b/c it is one of my favorite things to do with Hallie. As seems the new custom, we did not get a single picture of Hallie and me together on Mother's Day (nor did we last year). This saddens me, but I'll just have to remember how cute she looked today and how extremely sweet she was! I got plenty of pictures of Hallie (isn't she what Mother's Day is about anyway?!) today...and I got many pictures of Hallie with her Uncle Jeremy (also known to us as "Monkey's Uncle"). Maybe next year I'll get a picture with Hallie...and of any other mom and her kids that I might be with! :o)

The first picture below of Hallie and me is from yesterday--at an art museum in Fort Worth. Jonathan had this picture printed and framed in an 8x10 in black and white. When he gave it to me, tears filled my eyes. It is such a sweet picture in so many ways! I can tell how lovingly I'm looking at incredibly proud I am of her. Just by looking at her in this picture, I know her little brain wheels were turning! I also know that I had just pulled her away from the edge as she was getting too close to the water. And I also know that her little brain was trying to figure out a way she could get into that water! The picture simply makes me smile. I also know had I not been holding her paci (stuck on my thumb), it would have surely been a goner...tossed curiously into the water!

Hallie had so much fun today at Gramps and Grammy's house. I know she loved playing with her Uncle Jeremy. She loves to pretend like she doesn't want him to chase her...then practically begs for him to do so! She loves that he'll take her outside anytime she wants to go, too. I think he took her outside three (maybe four) separate times. Once they were looking for rocks, once they were playing with the sidewalk chalk, and the last time was to push her baby doll in her baby doll stroller. She is just so much fun all the time!

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