Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rainy day in Waco

It is an incredibly icky day in Waco. After breakfast--and pushing her baby around in her baby stroller--Hallie's routine is to spend a little time on the balcony enjoying the sunshine before moving on to her other morning activities. She goes to the balcony door and says "Ow, ow". And if she thinks you didn't hear her, she says it a little more emphatically "Ow! OW!" while pointing to the door and doing her feet in a little running in place motion (I refuse to think she's actually stomping her feet! haha!). She didn't understand that it was pouring down rain and our balcony was soaking wet and covered in water. So, I opened the door to show her. She didn't so much care that the balcony was wet. Knowing Hallie would love to explore the water, I simply took of her jammies and let her go. Seeing how much fun she was having, I just had to capture the moment.

I know this picture is slightly blurry--but I
couldn't resist posting it...she looks SO much
like her daddy here! :o) So mischievous!

Playing in the water makes a little one hungry.
Lunch before naptime...the chicken is gone, but
Hallie is still enjoying the ranch dressing!

Sound asleep after a morning full of fun!


Melanie and Scott said...

I love the rainy day pics of Hallie playing :) That's hilarious that she didn't care about it being yet! hee hee. Kids are too funny.

The "blurry, mischevious" pic is WAY cute!!!

Oh, and good idea setting up a little play area for Hallie on the balcony!

Love ya!!
Mel :)

Melanie and Scott said...

OOPS!!...I meant "wet", not "yet"! HAHA. Don't know where the 'y' came from! :)

I'll blame it on pregnancy brain! :)

Amy Cranston said...

What a fun day! Lovin those little pjs, it's great to get cozy after playing in the rain! I'm sure she took a good nap for you :)