Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Noon Day Drama

Today began as normal. The was raining (again), Mommy has a cold, and Hallie is teething (and actually producing drool this time around--haha). We ate breakfast, we played, we played, we played. Hallie wanted to go outside, but we decided against it since it was a little chilly and I didn't want to have to strip her down again since it was so wet outside. We played some more and then had lunch. After guessed it, we played a little more before naptime. Hallie loves her Mr. Potato Head. Sure, she doesn't really know how it "works" yet, but she loves carrying him around and putting his glasses on him. Today she picked him up by his arm and the rest of his body fell to the floor. She looked down at Mr. Potato Head on the floor, then at her hand holding his arm. She glanced at me, then back to the horror before her. Her little bottom lip started to quiver. As she looked up at me, her eyes began to well up with tears. Then it was full on wailing as she ran into my arms, throwing her little arms around me (while holding onto Mr. Potato Head's left arm still). I took his arm, put it back on his little potato body and then made Mr. Potato Head wave at Hallie. Usually this at least gains a grin. Nothing except tears. She proceeded to walk across the room, lean up against the wall, and point to him while crying. This signaled naptime in my book.

Hallie, however, had different plans. She read every book in her room. She found every piece of lint on the carpet, hid behind her rocker, rocked on her butterfly rocker, rocked in her rocking chair. Finally, she rocked with Mommy. This still did not bring on sleep (although she was clearly wearing her sleepy eyes). So I put her in her crib to settle herself into a blissful snooze. A blissful snooze, she did not produce. She had a baby party in her crib...and she invited all the stuffed animals. She was singing loudly. She was banging her paci on the side of the crib. She was barking like a dog. Then the barks turned musical as she "ruff-ruff"-ed her way up the musical scale. I was in fits of giggles listening through the monitor. She whined for only a minute or so before falling silent. I gave her five minutes before going in to check on her. This is what I found. I simply love every picture I take of Hallie...but there is nothing sweeter (well, few things sweeter) than pictures of a sleeping baby. It tickled me to find her with her "Kitty" (the little blanket) on her head. Even sleeping, that little one makes me giggle! I wanted to get a picture of the Mr. Potato Head incident, but I just didn't think Hallie would appreciate it. :o)

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Scroggins Family said...

Precious! I love the Mr. Potato head story-Em loves hers too but hasn't been traumatized yet (haha). Hope it stops raining soon and you can all get some fresh air.

Love ya,