Thursday, June 5, 2008

Four Years

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband. I am married to the kindest, sweetest, most loving man I could ever imagine being married to! He is my heart and I love him to pieces! He is a strong man in the Lord and a strong man to put up with me day after day! When I prayed for my husband, God knew exactly who I would need--someone who could let me whine and complain, but then tell me when enough was enough. Of course in the past four years we've not been without argument, disappointment, or hurt...but I know our love for each other will carry us through another four years...and another four years, and so on!

I love you, Jonathan!

A few pictures I found of our wedding day--06.05.04


Misti said...

Congrats, my friend! Seems like yesterday! Miss you lots! Kyetra's baby is SO cute-- tell her I said hello!

Amy Cranston said...

Happy Four Years! Hope you had a very special anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Happy Anniversary, Sweet Kendra! I'm so glad I was there to celebrate your special day...oh sweet memories! :) Give that sweet Hallie a hug from me!

Love you,