Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Playing Catch Up...

This is what Hallie has been up to the past week...

Praying at mealtimes--she loves this!

Reading lots of books
(again...she took a
break from sitting still long enough to hear
any story for a while...but now she can't
get enough of books!)

Taking her baby out for an afternoon stroll

Playing on the playground

Helping Daddy out with his work

Now, there are even more things that I didn't capture on camera. For exampe: coloring on the walls with a yellow colored pencil (at least it was yellow!), playing on her Kangaroo Climber every day, several times a day, trying so hard to master "uh-oh" (sometimes we get it, but often it's still "uh-ahhhh"--with a long pause b/n the two words), and just plain out being cute!


Amy Cranston said...

Looks like you have a little busy body on your hands :) That pic of her strolling her baby is precious! Love it!

Alison said...

I second Amy - love that picture of her with the stroller and the balloon!