Monday, June 16, 2008

A little behind...

Again...I'm behind in blogging...and cleaning, and laundry...should I go on? Jonathan had a stomach bug last week, so while he stayed home from work, Hallie and I tried to stay out of the apartment. That lead Hallie and me to spend the night with Gramps and Grammy on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning Hallie awoke with a stuffy (yet occasionally runny) nose. We contributed it to teething as she's "cutting" her one year molars and chewing on everything. Thursday rolls around and she's acting a little sluggish and is a little more clingy than usual. Friday morning she sleeps until 10:15--very rare! She usually wakes up around 8:00. From around 8:00 until 10:15, she was very whiny and restless but never actually woke up until 10:15. When I got her out of bed she was burning up. I took her temp--almost 102. I gave her some Infant Tylenol and snuggled her. I was starting to feel a little icky myself, so Grammy had already said she'd take Hallie for the afternoon. Hallie napped at Grammy's house while I got some rest myself. When Jonathan and I picked Hallie up, she had broken out in a red, spotty, slightly bumpy rash from her head to her feet. And the fever was still lingering, although not as high as before. We thought maybe the rash was just prickly heat b/c it has been so hot here. Saturday morning brought much of the same--a low grade fever, but the rash had worsened. Father's Day was spent with a very whiny 15 month old...and understandably so--she just didn't feel well.

Needless to say, we knew we needed to take her to the doctor at this point. Don't things like this always worsen on the weekends? Hallie has a doctor's appointment today at 2:00...and hopefully we'll have an answer to the fever and rash.

Once everyone is well, I will do my best to catch all five of you up on what's been going on in the wonderful world of Hallie Shea! :o) She is so much fun all the time...and absolutely into everything! She is trying so hard to talk and really does a great job at communicating her needs to Jonathan and me. There aren't many times that she gets frustrated b/c we can't figure out what she wants. She has added a new "sign" to her repertoire--"all done" (flipping her hands from palms up to palms down) that has helped in the high chair battle!

Many hugs to you all!

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Amy said...

I hope things go well at the doctor today and that you all get better soon :)