Friday, June 20, 2008

More pictures

These are a few of my favorites that didn't get posted with the other 15 month pictures. I love the determination Hallie has in getting up that little step. My absolute favorite is the one with her little tush in the air b/c it just makes me think "yeah, we all have days like that sometimes!". haha. I mentioned before that Hallie was more than slightly under the weather for this little photo shoot and I know you couldn't really get the "whole picture" of how grumpy she was since most of the shots were of her walking away (hence the grumpy side of her) or of her on the go. The picture of her holding the leaf was before we got the other great shots. She was holding a bracelet that she did not want to let go of (I think it's in a few of the other shots actually). The leaf was supposed to be a trade for the bracelet and didn't work.

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