Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mountainview Spray Ground

Hallie is a new fan of the Mountainview Spray Ground. She had SO much fun this evening as she played in the water fountains. We put her swimsuit on before we left, and when we got to the car she was very upset at us as she pointed to the swimming pool. Poor thing thought she was going swimming. However, her disappointment quickly faded when we pulled up to the spray ground! She began squealing in delight and pointing to the fountains. It was the cutest thing. As usual, we took entirely too many pictures. While I have a few favorites, I wanted to show just how much she enjoyed herself!

**Nonna (and anyone else!), if you want to view the pictures again, just click the "X" in the top right corner. And if you want to view the picture bigger, click on the whole block of pictures. It'll open a new window. :o)


Anonymous said...

my goodness kendra she looks so big in these pictures. i'm sure she's getting all grown up. i miss you guys so much. she won't even know her "aunt" stephanie when i see her again. ;o) precious pics.

Misti said...

#17 is my favorite of little Miss Hallie! Looks like lots of fun!