Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Fun Pictures

Last night, we had Jonathan's parents over for dinner...Hallie's favorite--spaghetti. Hallie has a lot of new favorites...I'll post those another time. :o) One of her new loves is to climb on everything she can possibly climb on! Well, last night Hallie was climbing on her beloved Hippo (the little push toy). She does this often, but usually just stands in the middle. This time she tries to balance on her head. As I'm walking over to her, to get her down, Hippo slides right out from under her, sending Hallie flying to the ground. She wailed and wailed. We thought she was OK, though--no bumps or bruises. She was snuggled up to me and then looked up at me with blood trickling from her lip. I pulled it down to find a black and bloody lip. Poor thing! So, Hallie has her first fat lip...and I'm sure it won't be her last. We put some lidocaine on it and she seemed fine. Today she is as silly as ever, climbing once again on anything she can climb on! I see she didn't learn any lessons from falling off Hippo.

Showing off her new outfit from Nonna

Reading with Grandmommy

This morning...climbing in the dishwasher!

Hallie's lip

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