Thursday, July 17, 2008

Welcome Home

When Hallie and I got home from San Antonio, we had a banner and a bunch of balloons to greet us! Hallie squealed in delight when she saw the balloons and immediately started running after them! What a sweet surprise for us!

I was showing Jonathan some of the great deals I got at NY & Company with a gift card I had after we got home. I got this really cute 3/4 sleeved hoodie pull-over. Jokingly, I put the hood on and Hallie thought it was the funniest thing. When I took the hoodie off, Hallie got really upset and started signing "again" (I swear, she's never going to actually SAY this word). So, I took her cue and put it back on, playing around. When I took the hood off, she wanted it back on. When I was done with her little game, she pitched a fit, wanting me to put it back on. So, I put it on her (well, the hood anyway) and that sufficed. I took it off, though, when I noticed how dirty the bottom was getting (I really needed to sweep!). She was not happy. So I went and got her little hoodie jacket and she wore it the rest of the evening! She is such a funny little girl! Very particular about what she likes and wants...oh boy! LOL!

Dancing with the streamers...really, I have no idea
what's going on here! I think she gets her dance
moves from her daddy!

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