Wednesday, July 16, 2008

San Antonio Reunion

Hallie and I made a little trip down to San Antonio earlier this week. I needed to pick up some of my school boxes from my friend's classroom and a few things from our garage (since I'll be going back into the classroom starting mid-August). So, I made a little visit out of it.

Our first stop was at my sweet friend, Stephanie's house. We got to know them through church and became fast friends. Steph and I get along so well, and our husbands do, too! We hated to make such great friends and then have to move. :o/ Her little ones and Hallie play so well together. Her youngest is just a couple of weeks younger than Hallie, so it has been fun to see their milestones reached together! We enjoyed our stay with them and wish we could have stayed longer. We went to our favorite--Chick-fil-A--where Hallie had her very first ice cream cone. Austin is a seasoned ice cream cone eater and didn't make near the mess Hallie did (most of hers ended up on the floor)! After that, it was play time on the CFA playground. Liam did not want me to take his picture and would run up the slide everytime I tried! Back at their house, the kids had a great time just playing around and being silly. We love you guys and miss you!!

Our second stop was Jennifer's classroom at good 'ole Powell Elementary! I got to see a couple of friendly faces from my time there and got the classroom decorating bug while seeing what all Jennifer had up on her walls already. She is getting her room ready because she will be welcoming sweet baby Grayson in the next couple of weeks! Hallie had a blast pushing her baby doll stroller up and down the hallways on the tile floors! She could go fast! HA! We hadn't seen Jennifer (or the other crew) since the end of March...when Hallie wasn't getting around quite so splendidly! We had lunch at our favorite (again)...CFA. It was pretty calm. Afterward, Hallie played on the playground. I went to refill Jennfer's and my drinks. Upon returning to the playground, I saw Jennifer moving around frantically along with one other parent. I asked what was going on, then realized that Hallie wasn't in the toddler area. I looked up to see that my 16 month old had climbed up the stairs to the very top of the playground and was having the best time running on the little bridge! I wasn't worried...I didn't think she would go down the slide by herself (and she didn't). She was just having fun in all the little pods up high. I let her play a little while, keeping a close eye on her, and then she and I slid down the slide together. I know Jennifer felt bad, but I assured her that it was not a big deal. Hallie is quite quick and thinks she's as big as the "big kids"! After lunch went back to Jennifer's house and just visited. I got to see baby Grayson's nursery--so cute...all cowboy themed! Hallie helped herself to a few burp clothes (sorry, Jen!)--folding them, unfolding them, etc.--and wanted to play with all of the baby's toys. After a little shopping, we had dinner and then had our own little slumber part after Hallie was put to bed. It was a fun night of chatting! We miss you lots!

Here are a couple of pictures from our trip--nothing extremely exciting, but aren't all these kiddies just precious?!

Hallie's first ice cream cone

Austin knew what he was doing!

Liam heading up the slide to avoid the camera!

Aw! So sweet! Hallie had the basketball in her
mouth, but paused to give Austin a quick hug!

Sarah is such a sweetheart! Hallie loves her!

Big sister, little brother

My attempt at getting all 4 kids in a picture...
you can see it didn't work. Liam refused to join them!

Hallie decked out in some of Grayson's
cowboy gear! Uncle Jeremy, I'm ready to
help you with the cows!

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