Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Parade on Cumberland Avenue

We cooked out at Jonathan's parents one night while my parents were in town. I forgot to post these pictures, but after looking at them again and remembering the story, they're just too great to not post! My mother-in-love pulled out a lot of Jeremy and Jonathan's old toys and Abby got out the drum--which had shakers and cymbals inside it. She (and maybe Jeremy) decided they needed to have a parade. So Jeremy took both girls outside and lead them down the sidewalk in their three-man parade! It was hilarious! They probably parading up and down the sidewalk for 30 minutes! He is so great with kids. Hallie loves him and Abby took right to him!

The leader of the parade!

Taking a break from parading...

Off for round two!

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Anonymous said...

The video is hilarious!! Hallie is so cute putting down her cymbals! Precious! :-) Nonna