Wednesday, July 2, 2008

16 months

Today is Hallie's 16 month birthday. We cannot believe that 16 wonderful months have already passed us by! We are enjoying every second with Hallie--she is such a blessing! I have tried to take pictures of her on each of her "month-a-birthdays"...but it is getting harder and harder as she doesn't want to stop long enough for Mommy to take a picture! So I basically have to put her in a situation where she can't be on the go (in the big rocking chair). But it still doesn't last long! And after that, I just try to follow her around with the camera and try to snap a picture here and there. She is such a mess!

I feel like I am constantly amazed by Hallie. She is so sweet and loves to learn! And she is so observant of absolutely everything! Jonathan got a wall hanger for his guitar for Father's Day. He finally put it up Monday evening--Hallie and I weren't home. When we got home (and since Monday night), Hallie has to let me know that there is a guitar on our wall probably every 20 minutes or so. It is so cute! Tonight before her bath, she was running around naked (her favorite thing) and she ran behind her chair while Jonathan and I were getting her bath ready. She quickly came running to us, pointing behind the chair like there was something behind there. She does this with bugs so we'll get them up for her, so we figured that's what she was pointing at. She peeks around the chair and says "eh, eh" as she points. She had tee-teed behind the chair and was letting us know! We got a kick out of that! Jonathan cleaned it up for her and as sweet as you please, Hallie looked up at him and said, "tank-too" (thank you)! Our hearts melted. She also says "bess" (bless you) when someone sneezes! So sweet!

Working on her month-a-birthday! A little
bolt came out of the vent (read: she pulled
it out of the vent) and she was trying

so hard to get it back in!

Hallie was trying to put the lens cover on the camera!
I guess she was tired of Mommy taking pictures!

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Misti said...

Love that little dress Hallie's wearing! She looks precious!