Friday, July 4, 2008

Stickeroni and high heels

Hallie has two new loves--stickers and high heels.

Jonathan has recently gotten her on a sticker kick when she found some glittery heart and star stickers laying on the table. He put a few on her hands and up her arms. Since, she wants stickers on her hands almost daily. It's pretty cute because she really prefers Jonathan put them on her. When he puts them on her, she'll wear them practically until they fall off. When I put them on her, she pulls them off and scatters them about the house, landing who knows where (often on the rear of my pants, bottoms of shoes, etc.).

This morning, I was in the kitchen and I hear a loud "clomp, clomp, clomp" coming from our bathroom. I look up to find Hallie in some of my "tall shoes" (as I call them). It was the cutest thing! She already has a fondness for shoes--taking one pair off to put on another. Surprisingly, Hallie did a pretty great job of walking around in my "tall shoes" and stood right back up when she toppled over in them! It was extremely cute to watch!


Alison said...

We went through that sticker phase with Levi as well and yes, I found more than one on my rear end!! Most of the time I wouldn't notice until we were out in public...lovely. The dollar spot at Target always had big packs of stickers (for when you run out!).

Scroggins Family said...

Love the heels-she just wants to be tall like her mommy:)
Our floor was decorated with Dora stickers once and they lasted quite some time!!