Monday, July 28, 2008

Trip to Austin

I had a teacher conference in Austin so we made a little trip out of it. Grammy (who I believe is now going to be called "Ra-Ra"), Hallie, and I headed down to Austin on Wednesday afternoon. While I was starting the conference, Grammy and Hallie were starting the fun! Their fun continued on Thursday--Grammy gave lots of rides on the luggage carts. And Hallie had a blast going up and down the steps in our hotel. We met Daddy, Gramps, and Uncle Jeremy for dinner to celebrate Gramps's birthday. Then Grammy went home and Daddy joined us. Daddy and Hallie had fun on Friday and Saturday! He didn't give quite as many luggage cart rides as Grammy, but Hallie still had fun! :o) They of course, went to the pool for a little bit when I returned from the conference. She is such a water baby! Hallie also loved riding the elevator and was a pro by the end of our trip. She would run in as soon as the door opened and then stand in the very back. As soon as the door opened, she would head out--thankfully it never opened on the wrong floor! haha. I tried to get a picture and video of how cute she was going into the elevator, but she wouldn't go all the way in until Mommy was safely inside with her. :o)

Luggage cart ride with Grammy!

Hallie was waiting on me in the lobby when I got
back from my session on Thursday. :o) Obviously
she was not wanting to be in a picture, but
wanting to continue her trek up and down the steps!

Jumping off the side--Hallie's favorite pool activity!

Ah...this is the life...

Hallie was nakey from changing out of her
swimsuit. She also had a cookie...she loved
rolling all over the big, comfy bed. :o)

In the elevator...

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