Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The wheels were turning...

Yesterday, Hallie and I stopped by my school to turn in some paperwork and to check on things in my classroom. We visited with a few new friends who Hallie has quickly grown to love. She had her little spikey ball with her, throwing it and rolling it. Then she put it down and kicked it. I was so proud of her! She was quite proud of herself, too. :o)

Skip to supper last night...we had Jonathan's dad over for "Hallie's Favorite Spaghetti" (Grammy is in Missouri at camp). Hallie was entertaining, as usual, when I began to tell Jonathan the story of her kicking the ball. There was a random ball in the kitchen and I asked Hallie if she could show Daddy how she can kick. The questioning went on a few more times and then Jonathan began to ask Hallie if she could show him how she can kick. Hallie stood there for about 15 seconds--you could see the wheels turning! Then without any prompting, she proceeded to stretch out on the floor on her tummy, arms in front...and then she began kicking her legs as if she were swimming!

We all absolutely cracked up at her! She stood there, thinking about how she could show Jonathan how she can kick...and rather than getting a ball and kicking it, she chose a different way! We were completely caught off guard at this display of thinking skills. It was pretty cute...and we were pretty proud of her, if I can just say so! :o)


Misti said...

Such a cute story! She's a smart little one!

The Canada's said...

She is so smart! She thought hard about that one!