Monday, August 11, 2008

First Day...

I had my first day "back to school", sort of. All the new teachers (new to the district and first year teachers) have New Teacher Induction this week. While I headed out the door this morning at 7:45, Jonathan was getting ready for work and Hallie was still snoozing. After Hallie woke up, Jonathan got her ready for a day with Grammy...complete with her new butterfly backpack Nonna sent her. I called to check on her this morning and Jonathan said that when Hallie woke up, she called out for me in our bedroom. Then went into the living room and called for me again. (Break a mommy's heart why don't you?!) He said he told her that I was already gone, but that I'd be home soon. That answer seemed to satisfy her and she began playing happily. Jonathan told me that she was the cutest little thing, walking down the steps with her butterfly backpack on! She wore it into Grammy's, too! Of course, we don't have a picture from the morning--the camera battery is dead. (Isn't that how it always happens?!) But I did get a cute one with Grammy's camera this evening. I'll have to post it soon.

As for Hallie's day with Grammy--she had a ball! She is such a mess, I tell you! I called to check on her and got to talk to Hallie for just a minute--she was entirely too busy gazing at the fish in a fishtank at Grammy's school to chat with Mommy! Grammy needed to work in her classroom, so she took Hallie (and doll stroller) with her. Long hallways to push her doll stroller up and down...Hallie could stay there all day! After their school visit, they ran a few errands and then headed back home. Hallie got a little bump on her noggin (surprise, surprise) from falling off the porch steps. Well, she didn't fall completely off. See, she was holding a prized rock and lost her balance. She caught herself, but bumped her head before falling completely. It helped a whole lot that Grammy saw what was about to happen and rushed to Hallie's aid! Had she not, Hallie could have taken a serious tumble! The little stinker is just fine...but she has a beautiful little red goose-egg on her cute little noggin. Gramps and Grammy say that she is just like her daddy...that he walked around with a knot on his head for two years! HA!

Hopefully I'll have pictures soon!


Misti said...

How was new the new teacher induction program? Sounds like Hallie had a blast with Grammy! Love the pic of her wearing her new hat!
Cross your fingers-- baby Tristan should be here today. =)

The Canada's said...

Can't wait to see that butterfly backpack!

That had to be hard hearing that she was looking for you. Jason always seems to leave when Lakyn is asleep too and she yells every morning Dada!! I tell her he is gone and will be back and she always says car and pretends to drive.

Hope Hallie is okay after the fall. Aren't you ready for them to get out of this clumsy stage! Seems like a bruise a week!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed meeting you and baby Hallie over the weekend. What a joy and blessing to have a wonderful, sweet daughter. I have known Jonathan since he was in seventh grade. I know you have a wonderful husband! I enjoyed seeing him with his sweet family!
Treasure Life,
Ermoian (Kevin's MOM)