Sunday, August 10, 2008

New Shoes

Hallie got a special delivery--a few "fun happies" from Nonna and Pop! I opened the box, and before I could pull the tissue paper out, Hallie had spotted the shoe boxes (yes, boxes!). She immediately wanted the new shoes on--she has a bit of a thing for shoes. Miss Hallie sat down, took her play shoes off and took the new shoes to daddy. She wanted them on right then! I asked Jonathan to grab the camera to try to get a quick video showing Hallie's excitement to share with Nonna and Pop...Hallie nearly had a meltdown waiting the 30 seconds he took! The video is shaky and kinda's not perfect, but it does capture a bit of the excitement Hallie displayed. Of course, nothing is ever as good as the first initial reaction!

On a "not so side note": Hallie is so incredibly blessed to have two sets of grandparents who love to buy necessities for her. She will be clothed until next winter! :o) She has some of the cutest outfits from Gramps & Grammy and Nonna & Pop. Thanks to all of them for getting such cute outfits and accessories for her! :o)

Let me explain the picture below...Hallie got a gingham outfit that the hat goes with, the lime green shoes (which are really hard to get off her b/c she loves them so much!), and the butterfly snack bag that matches her cute little backpack--she was modeling for me. I asked her to stand still in "this spot" (and pointed). She would stand there for about 3 seconds ( just long enough for me to get the camera focused) and then she was off doing her own thing. We did this probably five times before she figured out she needed to stand still until I took the picture (of which she immediately wanted to see after I snapped it!) Hallie loved all her little goodies in her box! I must say, though, that the lime green shoes were the favorite treat in the box! The bag of marshmallows...well, she found those in her diaper bag and helped herself to them. LOL!

Miss Priss

As I said before, the quality isn't so great, but the subject
being filmed is the cutest we know! :o)

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Anonymous said...

absolutely precious! i bet "nonna" loves the video. miss nora has a shoe fetish too, and insists on wear the highest pair of high heels i own around the house all the time.