Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hallie Update

So...I'm falling behind on updating Hallie's blog. :o/ I have been super busy trying to get my classroom ready to start school. Thankfully, Grammy has been gracious enough to watch Hallie the past couple of days so I could work in my classroom. Thanks, Grammy!

Now for an update on Hallie...she is getting so big and so independent! She is now 17 months old and thinks she can do absolutely everything by herself. When we're going down the stairs, we reach out to help her and she pushes our hand away and shakes her head "no". She is very steady going up and down the stairs, but we're close by in case she stumbles. :o) Hallie is at such a fun age right now! She follows directions with things we ask her to do and has the sweetest sense of curiosity about the things around her. She is quickly developing her own little personality now more than ever! She likes things done a certain way every time--of course, I know all kids love routine and repetition! :o)

Some of Hallie's LOVES:
*Giving hugs and kisses (this is SO incredibly sweet!)
*Mr. Moe-Dangles (her stuffed monkey)
*Talking (several words along with her own little language!)
*Playing in the water--inside or outside
*Pushing all her "treasures" around in her baby doll stroller
*Guitars--real, fake, pictures of them...everything!
*Ranch flavored Rice Cakes
*Bath time
*Brushing her teeth
*Entertaining her public (LOL!)
*Bouncy balls
*Music--she claps and dances to the beat
*Reading--her favorites right now are "Goodnight Moon" and "The Belly Button Book". She requests them..."Moon" and "Bee-bo"
*Cleaning up the messes she makes! She does not like for things to be out of order
*Throwing things in the trash can (She holds it up and asks "tash?" to see if it's OK to throw away...although we did find Mr. Moe in the trashcan a couple of weeks ago. He quickly got a bath!)
*Helping Mommy with laundry (I hand her the clothes piece by piece from the washer and she puts them into the dryer--it is SO cute!) can see that we are just completely smitten by our little monkey on a daily basis, so excited with the things she learns by the minute! A few of Hallie's spoken words are: moon, ball, bottle ("ba-ba"), thank you ("chank ooh"), Mama, Dada, Nonna, Pop, Grammy ("Ra-Ra"), Gramps ("Grafs"), apple ("app-uh"), shoes ("soos"), Abby ("Abb-uh"), this ("dis"), trash ("tash"), bubbles ("buh-buhs"...and always whispered), bless you ("bess"), dog ("dug"), hot ("haa")...and she will attempt just about any word you ask her to say. :o) Some of Hallie's sign language words are: again (which she has also assigned to "music" when we're in the car...otherwise she just brings us the PS3 controller and TV remote to turn the music on!), down, hurt, more, please, all done. She can also tell you the sounds of several animals: dog, cat, cow, sheep, and she makes a fish face for the fish. heehee. Another thing she loves is to put her hands together to say the blessing when we sit down to eat. Too cute!

As you can tell, we are quite proud of our little sweetie pie! :o)

I can do it myself, Mommy!

Look, Mommy and Daddy! No hands!

Future Auburn Tiger!

Sharing a drumstick with Daddy (I didn't get ANY
of the chocolate, though! Such a bummer!)

Pretending to play with the Guitar Hero guitar.
Although, Hallie doesn't actually like for the game
to be is a little scary. So we haven't played
it in a long time! :o/


Anonymous said...

She's our little sweetie!! She is SO smart! Give her hugs and kisses. Nonna & Pop

The Canada's said...

I think we have twins... and no hair either...