Saturday, September 6, 2008

Friday afternoon Fun!

Bath time is still a favorite! Whenever she can, she loves to walk around in only a diaper (although she would prefer to be completley nakey-nakey!!). She also climbs up in rocking chair that's in her room with a book quite often. It is such a cute sight to walk in on! Yesterday, I walked in on Hallie reading her nursery rhyme book to her baby doll! I wanted to catch it on video, but wouldn't you know the battery went dead right after my last picture! :o/ Maybe next time!


Anonymous said...

How cute our little Hallie is reading to her baby. Wish we could see her...maybe before long, we can. :-) Hugs & Kisses!!! Nonna and Pop

Scroggins Family said...

She is so sweet-reading to baby! I also love that she loves to be "Nakey". Emily turns into a superhero "Naked Baby" after bathtime and runs around the house too!

Love ya,

Joy said...

Charlie is a nakey baby too -- he actually cries every time we put clothes on him!

And reading while nakey? He couldn't be happier!