Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sic 'em Bears!

Our sweet Hallie finally attended her first college football game! We've been practicing her "Sic 'em Bears" (along with her War Eagle...don't worry!) for some time now and she finally got to give it a try for real tonight! We really enjoyed her watching the football game, clapping with the crowd, and being completely in awe of the marching band! She had a wonderful time! We left during the third quarter, but I believe she could have stayed for the entire game.

She got some popcorn--which she loved! She loved it so much, she only shared it with you if she thought you were worthy of her popcorn. LOL! She got pretty upset when we (read: SHE) spilled half the box. It's a good thing she spilled it, though! Otherwise, she would have wanted to have eaten the entire box. That probably would've left her with a tummy ache!! Back to her sharing (or lack of). Hallie would share her popcorn with Kevin, Mommy, and Christina. Grammy had to steal pieces, and Daddy only got chewed up pieces. Once, Uncle Jeremy got a couple of pieces...but it wasn't very willingly.

Here are some (OK, a bunch of) pictures from Hallie's game night. I am hoping that we can get to an Auburn game at some point in the future! I know Hallie would love it! :o)

On the way to the Baylor game

The bear in the ticket office...Hallie did NOT like him!

Enjoying the game with Grammy and Gramps

One of the bear mascots--he does "tricks"! He was
giving high fives for treats!

Yum! Popcorn!

Do you think Hallie is having fun?

Eating ice...and spilling it on Mommy!

Sharing with Christina, but not with Jeremy!

There was the cutest little boy in front of us, and
Hallie was patting him on the back. Toward the
end, she just sat down right behind him!

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Kristen said...

She's so cute. Glad you all had so much fun! We want to try to go to a Yale game as a family since we can't possibly make it to an Auburn game.