Saturday, October 11, 2008

A day in the life of Hallie...

Today was a Saturday like no other we've had so far. Our little Hallie pooped in the potty (I'm sure she'll love this blog 10 years from now--lol!)!! The past few days, she has been touching her diaper and saying "Shoo, shoo" (like it stinks) and shaking her head. We noticed yesterday that she did this about 20-30 seconds or so before she tee-teed or made a stinky. This morning she did the same little sound while touching her diaper and I asked her if she needed to use the potty. She nodded "yes", so I stripped her down (she was still in her pajamas) and sat her on the potty. She sat there for a few seconds, then jumped down. Then she patted it, wanting up again. I put her back up there and she made a nice little poopie face. Then she scooted off the potty. She made her stinky sound and waved toward the potty and I said, "You didn't make a stinky". Then she looked inside and nodded "yes", so I looked...and there her little stinky was! LOL! She knew what she was talking about! We were so proud of her! She was very proud of herself as she flushed the potty. (I unfortunately didn't get a picture of her actually sitting on the potty.)

Hallie is 19 months old, and we've been saying that she has been showing readiness signs for potty-training for a couple of months now. But we don't want to rush her. We decided we would go ahead and buy her a little potty all her own (although I think she kinda likes using the big potty) today. She was SO excited to open it up. We got lots of "oh-boy, oh-boy, oh-boy"! :o) So precious. I didn't get a good video of her opening the potty, though. Hallie may not use her potty for another 6 months, but it's there if she wants to. We'll definitely follow her lead with this potty-training thing!

Here is Hallie's day in pictures. :o)

Using the potty for the first time!

With all her friends, writing about going
to the potty, I'm sure. :o)
*From L-R: Righty, Moe, and Monkey

Victory Ice Cream

Riding with Elmo and Zoe after the potty purchase!

Sitting on her potty.

Hallie loves, loves, loves shoes. I couldn't pass
up these cute little pumpkin "crocs". :o)

Sharing the victory with Daddy!


Scroggins Family said...

Congrats! Hallie is on her way out of diapers. I also couldn't resist the pumpkin crocs:)

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

HOORAY for Hallie!! She's such a big girl. Tell her that Nonna and Pop are very proud of her. :-)