Saturday, October 11, 2008

Heart o' Texas Fair & Rodeo

Even though Jonathan and I weren't feeling that great, we trudged through for Hallie. We just didn't want her to miss the excitement of the fair. And she did not disappoint us with her excitement! She wasn't crazy about the Petting Zoo, but she loved all the lights and people. Her absolute favorite thing was the merry-go-round! She had to ride it twice. The pictures just don't show her excitement at its best, but her sweet smile hints toward it!

Not so sure about the baby goat...

Waiting for the carousel to begin.

Daddy played a "sure-to-win-a-prize-for-Hallie" game!

Hallie was so excited about this lizard...and she makes
him "walk" all over our house, too!

Second time to ride--with Daddy!

Woo-hoo for the fair!
(She was saying "woo-hoo")

Hallie was waving the whole time she was
riding the carousel--with Jonathan and with me!

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