Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Party

Hallie had a little Halloween party at her little "school" tonight. We were running late and thought about not going. Her costume was supposed to be a ballerina. But then she got the CUTEST little Auburn cheerleader outfit from Nonna, so we switched gears. Unfortunately, the cheerleader outfit was too big (maybe next Halloween) so I had to quickly shift gears back to ballerina. Nothing was ready, so I literally threw the outfit together in about 15 minutes. So it isn't complete in these pictures. We're very glad we decided to go on to the party! Hallie had a blast! She loved being around the other kids (older siblings of other babies that go to her "school") and LOVED the cake walk! She was too cute walking around in the circle and stopping when the music stopped! We can't wait for tomorrow's Fall Festival--she is going to have so much fun!

Walking the Cake Walk


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Melanie and Scott said...

That's one cute ballerina!! :) You did a good job "throwing" her costume together. She's so darn cute!

Anonymous said...

That's our little ballerina. Cute, cute! Maybe next year on the Auburn cheerleader outfit! :-) See ya'll tomorrow! Nonna