Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Hallie-ween!

Hallie had such a fun evening! We took her to a friend's church for their Fall Festival--our church didn't have theirs this year (so sad). When we pulled into the church parking lot, Hallie started saying, "Oh boy! Oh boy!" She is SO fun! Once inside, it only took Hallie about 30 seconds to warm up and feel right at home! There were several little "booths" right up her alley. By the end of the night, she had gotten the hang of it the game, get a prize, put it in my bag. The last thing she did was the Cake Walk--her favorite (and the only one we didn't get a picture of!). She loves walking around in circles to the music. It was SO cute to watch her stop on a number square once the music stopped. She really knew what she was doing. She got so excited when she won and got to pick out a treat--homemade chocolate chip and pecan cookies (which she loved!). We had so much fun watching her excitement with everything! She is such a joy!

Our little trick-or-treater!

Gramps and Hallie

This little episode happened about five minutes after Hallie's
arrival. She had never seen this little boy, Evan, but they
hit it off. She liked him even more when she found out his
costume for the night was Elmo (which he later put on). These
two had the crowd's attention!
Enjoy the sweet giggles!

There were little bouncy balls hidden in the rice. Hallie
loves bouncy balls and really enjoyed playing in the rice.

This was the cutest booth--"Holy Elephant". The kids gave the elephant (a facade of an elephant with a hole cut out...someone's arm was the elephant's trunk) a peanut and he ate it and then gave the kids candy. Halie absolutely LOVED this!

Hallie loved choosing the ducks!

A little fisherman

Picking Proverbs...the suckers had Proverbs around them. Cute!

She quickly figured out to put her prizes in her bag!

Going home.

Enjoying her treat! You can see she had a treat of chocolate chip
cookie before her sucker!


Anonymous said...

three quick comments:
first, hallie is adorable in her ballerina costume. second, we had the elephant at our church fall festival and nora also loved it. third, the duck pond was her favorite, but upon learning that she had to put the duck back and settle for candy in exchange, she was devastated. they told us to come back near the end and she could have a duck, so she went back and took about 5 minutes to pick her duck-a little cheerleader duck. cute little ones.

Scroggins Family said...

You did a GREAT job with her costume. I love the video with the little boy-how adorable!

She looks like she had a ton of fun at the festival!

Amy said...

Kendra, she's just adorable! She absolutely has the biggest smile, just precious!