Saturday, November 1, 2008

Baylor Homecoming

We took Hallie to her first Baylor homecoming parade, and she was not disappointed! We got a late start and thought we might miss most of the parade. Thankfully, that was not the case! RaRa and Gramps met us for breakfast after the festive events. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon moving things from our apartment to our new rental house. We also anxiously awaited Nonna and Pop's arrival! Here are a few pictures from the parade.

The Baylor Bear

Hallie snagged some candy!

One of the many extravegant
sorority/fraternity floats.

Hallie was SO excited!
Check our her pocket--it's
housing her Tootsie Roll!

Sweet smile...and the Tootsie
Roll is in the other pocket.
Hallie LOVES pockets!

1 comment:

Scroggins Family said...

My Emily also loves pockets and now she loves collecting rocks! Those make for a noisy dryer if you don't catch them. Beware of Hallie's "collections" as she grows-you may find some interesting things in those lovely pockets=)I hope we can see each other over Christmas sometime!

Love ya