Thursday, November 13, 2008


RahRah and Hallie had a few marshmallows for a little sugary snack. When they were all gone, RahRah began eating pretend marshmallows. Hallie caught on pretty quickly. They were throwing them in the air, catching them in their mouths! Then RahRah threw a few across the kitchen for Hallie to find...and she did. She'd look on the floor for the "marshmallow" and then she'd scarf it down! haha. She had been doing this for about 5 minutes before I braved going to get the camera (she usually stops whatever cute thing she's doing when Mommy gets out the camera!). She kept her performance up a minute or so for me. :o) Hallie was also throwing them for Jonathan and me to find and catch in the air! She is so funny and so much fun! She already has a cute little imagination. :o)


Anonymous said...

Cute! She is so smart! :-)

Alison said...

I think someone needs a marshmallow gun for Christmas! Garet's parents have one and all the cousins LOVE it!