Friday, November 14, 2008

More pretending

Oh, this little girl makes me giggle! Hallie and I were playing last night after Jonathan and I got back from emptying out our apartment--she had been with Gramps and RahRah--and she brought over her little fairy tutu and wanted it on. So we put that on and she twirled around. Then she found her baby's bottle and started asking for her baby. When we found him , she sweetly said, "Baby need bottle." For whatever reason, she took him into our bathroom and laid him down on the bathmat and gave him his bottle. Then she patted his tummy and said, "nigh nigh". After all that sweetness, she went and found one of my shirts to cover him up with, patted him on the tummy again and said, "nigh nigh". She is so sweet! :o)

Now...the outfit. After we twirled around, she found her swim cap and put it on (herself) and swished her hips around--this is quite amusing! She wore this get-up the rest of the night up until bath time! I've gotta say...she has the tutu and hat on again now...more pictures of that to follow! :o)

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