Saturday, November 22, 2008

Middlekauf Family Thanksgiving

Jonathan, Hallie, and I ventured to .... with Gramps, RaRa, and Uncle Jeremy for a Middlekauf Thanksgiving celebration (that's RaRa's family). We always enjoy getting together with everyone to eat lunch and visit. Last year was Hallie's first Thanksgiving there. This year, she really had a blast playing with the kids and all the "new" toys there. Here are a few pictures of her from the day with some of her cousins (3rd cousins, that is...but cousins nonetheless).

Uncle Jeremy teaching (not really!) Hallie how
to shoot a water gun that's as big as she is!

Uncle Jeremy with Hallie and Karston

Playing in the dirt

Hallie with cousins Kara and Karlie

Hallie spent most of her day at this little
piano. She was so mesmerized by it! She
especially loved that it had a microphone she
could sing into! :o)

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Amy said...

I love Hallie's little hat and coat! She's so adorable! Looks like she had alot of fun with her cousins!