Monday, December 1, 2008

Coming Soon!!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Alabama. My plan was to post pictures as soon as we got home yesterday. That didn't work out. We left Heflin Saturday evening, and after stopping for supper on the way we finally got going around 6:00. We stopped in Birmingham to squeeze my cousin, Stephanie (it was SO good to see her), and then got going again. We managed to make it to Vicksburg, MS--not too bad. Our Sunday started around 10:30. Then it was an hour and a half in traffic just into Louisiana. Then it was 3-4 wrecks that took up another hour and a half. Last, it was the merge for I-35 E and W from I-20. Not so fun! That took another hour. Needless to say, in the time it took us to get from Vicksburg, MS to Waco, TX, we could've made an entire trip from Waco to Heflin. Eleven and a half hours. All that to say, pictures are coming very soon! Tonight!

Some highlights of our trip:
*Hallie and Abby playing (they have SO much fun together!)
*The Pink Pig
*A surprise spotting of an old friend, Audrey--how fun!!
*Hallie seeing aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends
*Visiting with family and friends

More to come!!! :o)

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