Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Part 2--Christmas Morning at our house!

Christmas morning was so much fun with Hallie. This was our first Christmas to wake up in our own house and open presents Christmas morning in our own house. It was such a we have vowed to continue for the next several years! While she still doesn't really understand the concept of Santa, once she realized all the fun things in her living room were for her, she quickly perked up! At first, she was really unsure of it all. Gramps and Rah-Rah joined us Christmas morning to see the excitement on Hallie's face. We were thankful that Hallie slept until 8:30 since Mommy Elf and Daddy Elf stayed up WAY past their bedtime helping Santa put Hallie's loot in its place. We enjoyed piggies in a blanket while watching Hallie open presents. I got gift cards (yay!) and picture frames from Jonathan. Hallie gave me a sweet handprint mold. Jonathan was surprised with a mini computer (which is part of his birthday--Jan 6--present, too). We had a wonderful Christmas morning!

Treasures from Santa! :o)

Hallie enjoying her dollhouse while
wearing her new pink Crocs.

Rah-Rah and Hallie cooking breakfast. The
adorable kitchen is from Pop, Nonna,
Gramps, and Rah-Rah! Thank you!

Hallie loved her Elmo Live! We, however, wish
that it came with volume control.

Hallie discovering her treasures. She was a little
scared at first! She quickly warmed up to the
idea of all the new toys. :o)
*It's a little blurry...sorry!

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