Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Part 3--Lunch Time!

After breakfast at home and opening our presents, we finished up some last minute packing (we flew to Alabama Christmas afternoon) and headed over to Jonathan's parents' house for lunch. Hallie was so exhausted from all the excitement, but she thankfully played with her new toys while we ran around gathering up last minute items. She is such a sweetie!

When we got to Gramps and Rah-Rah's house, Hallie had a BIG surprise. She had already opened a gift the night before...a bike helmet and wristbands. You can guess what her big surprise was. That's right--a brand spanking new Radio Flyer PINK! We all love it. Jonathan and I especially love that it has a parent handle to help Hallie steer since she can't quite reach the pedals yet (although she tries really hard!). We have already put miles on this new trike...Hallie absolutely loves it!

Here's a quick clip of Hallie "opening" her
new trike! :o)

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Stephanie said...

aww, nora loves hers too. got it last christmas from pops. hers doesn't have the handle though, and let me tell you, that handle will save your back!