Thursday, January 1, 2009

Part 4--On the way to Alabama

Hallie was so tired from all the Christmas morning festivities! She was a trooper during our flights! Our flight left Waco at 3:30...we cut it extremely close (as usual). Hallie was excited about flying, but got a little nervous when we had to walk out on the tarmac to get to the plane. Once on the plane, she began her excited "Up, plane!" cries, willing the plane to get off the ground. We had a quick layover in Dallas and then it was on to Atlanta. Hallie slept the entire 30 minute flight from Waco to Dallas (go figure) and absolutely none of the 2 hour flight from Dallas to Atlanta. She was still a happy little camper, though. Toward the end of the flight, she began getting restless. We packed the travel DVD player for that "I'm at the end of it" moment...and it was about 30 minutes before we got to Atlanta. Hallie had gotten a new Word World DVD, so she watched that and loved it. She was pretty cute sitting there in her own seat (the flight wasn't full) with little headphones on, watching her DVD. :o)

We were all excited when we got to Atlanta! Nonna and Pop were waiting for us at baggage claim. I wish I had've gotten a video of her going through the little turn-stall into baggage claim. My parents were both standing there, waiting on us. They spotted us and we spotted them. Once out of the turn-stall, Hallie jetted over to them. Once she was about 3 feet from them (both of them squatting down to catch her), she had to make a decision as to who would get the first Hallie squeeze! She went to the right, then veered to the left, then to the right before settling on running to the left right into Pop's arms. Of course, Nonna wishes she had've gotten the first hug (who wouldn't hope for the first Hallie hug?), but we all got a good laugh out of her making a quick decision!

Walking to the airplane at Waco's airport.

Sweet girl watching Word World (or as she
calls it--Wud Wurd!)

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