Thursday, January 1, 2009

Part 5--Christmas in Alabama

We got to Alabama Christmas night. My parents had already had Christmas with my brother's family Christmas morning. We had planned on having Christmas with everyone the Saturday after Christmas. Hallie got to open one of her presents the morning after Christmas. She just couldn't wait! haha. She got her very own laptop (she needs to keep up with Mommy and Daddy). :o) It is so cute and she loves it! It's a little above her right now, but she loves pushing the buttons and not being told to stop! haha.

The Saturday morning we were going to have our Christmas, Hallie woke up to a whole new set of treasures! She was so excited! She saw the three Curious Georges on the couch and wanted all of them! haha. She, of course, went straight for the dress up shoes. The girl loves shoes, what can I say?! Hallie got a baby doll, a Thomas the Train DVD (she loves the "choo choo"), lots of cute, cute clothes, and some great learning toys! She also got a 25th Anniversary Cabbage Patch Kid (which is way more special to me than to Hallie). The doll is just like the one I got in 1983! My mom and I searched high and low for the perfect "Emily Anne"! :o)

In addition to enjoying friends and family, we got to have Hardee's for breakfast almost every morning (their buscuit and gravy is delish, and Jonathan loves their strawberry biscuits!), Zaxby's (but only once...sigh), and Top 'o the River! Hallie had her first fried pickle and loved it! :o)

We always wish the trip could be longer. It just never seems like enough time. We enjoy spending time with our family so much and hope to see them all again very soon! Nonna and Pop, thanks so much for all of our fun treasures! We love ya'll and miss ya'll!

WARNING: Cute picture overload! haha. :o)

Hallie's new computer!

Daddy, will you please open my shoes!

Pop and his little helpers!

As hard as we try, we can never get a picture
where we're all looking at the camera!

My sweet Mom and Dad!

Abby and Hallie coloring

Yummy fried pickles!

This was too funny--Hallie's baby cousin, Hattie Grace,
sits in the high chair now. Hallie reverted to being
a baby so she could have Nonna feed her in the
high chair! So sweet and cute! And of course, our
Nonna didn't mind one bit! :o)

Hallie was bathed, teeth brushed, pajamas on and ready
for bed! She went to say night night and spotted Nonna
with something yummy to eat. Hallie thought she would
just help herself! She ate half the ice cream bar! Silly!

By Monday, Hallie wasn't feeling well. She had had a cold,
but it wasn't getting better. Thankfully, we took her to
the doctor. She had bronchitis that was well on its way
to becoming pneumonia. She's feeling much better now!

Mommy's CPK and Hallie's CPK
R: Emily Anne L: Darlyne Rhetta (LOL)
My "Emily Anne" was "born" Gertrude Emaline.

Hallie and Hattie Grace

Yep, Hallie's naked coloring. She had an awful diaper
rash and needed to air out before being cooped up on
an airplane for the rest of the day.

Saying our good-byes.

My sweet mom and me!

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