Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fun with Pink Eye...

I don't know how much fun pink eye can be, but I have tried to make Hallie's day home fun-filled...minus the two times we've already had to put drops in her eyes. She did not have fun with that! We had a yummy breakfast, watched a little Word World and played in Hallie's kitchen. Then I asked Hallie if she wanted to make cupcakes. Her excitement was SO cute! She kept saying, "Make cu-cakes! Make cu-cakes!" So sweet! Hallie was a big helper in making the cupcakes. She only stirred for a little bit and then didn't want to help anymore. But she loved puting the liners in the muffin tin! She would put them in, take them out, rearrange them and put them in again. Lots of fun for her! After making cupcakes, Hallie got to paint--one of her most favorite things to do! After lunch with Daddy, Hallie and I went outside for a few minutes and got some leaves to do some leaf rubbings after her nap. She's sleeping peacefully right now. Such a sweetie! I have really enjoyed being home with her today and really miss my days as a stay-at-home mommy! So all of you SAHMs...relish every moment! :o)

My little cupcake maker!


The Belton Family said...

Pink eye is no fun! I had it a few years ago but the eye drops made it better in just a few hours. Bless her heart. It does look like she had a great day home though.

Anonymous said...

Love the Ta Da at the end of the video. Hope she's feeling better! Elease