Friday, January 23, 2009

A Sunny 87 degrees...

On Friday afternoon, it was 87 degrees! It was kinda windy, but it was absolutely beautiful! After picking Hallie up from Miss Pattie's, she and I headed to the park! We were both excited about spending a beautiful afternoon outside! Hallie played on the swings, she slid, she climbed, she rode the little firetruck bouncer, she slid some more and ran around admiring the skills of the older kids! She made friends as she always does and happily played with them. She even took her turn on the big slide (over and over again!). She is SO brave...a little too brave for my enjoyment while on playground equipment that's about 3 feet out of my comfort reach. Here are a few pictures from the day--I'm so glad I had the camera in the car! We stayed at the park until it was almost dark! It was very hard to get my outdoor-loving 22 month old to the car! With promises of another afternoon at the park, she finally complied (along with a little counting of 1-2-3!)! We had a wonderfully fun afternoon!

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