Friday, January 2, 2009

Hallie's New Set of Wheels

On New Year's Day, Hallie got to take her new set of wheels out for their first spin! We had so much fun watching her ride her new trike through our neighborhood. You cannot believe how thankful Jonathan is for the parent bar on her trike. It definitely saved his back on this long walk! It was pretty chilly this day, but Hallie absolutely did not mind. Since Gramps and Rah-Rah were in San Antonio for New Year's, we got the pleasure of doggysitting Charley. Hallie absolutely loved having him over! He was a very good house guest!

Hallie absolutely LOVED walking Charley. She thought it was so funny when he would take off, causing her to scurry behind him with the leash. She had a tiny accident at the end of the video when Charley jumps off the curb and brings Hallie with him. Luckily, she had on her helmet, so she didn't get hurt at all!


Kristen said...

Amused by the simplest of things. I love the "go" with the kicking leg... Stinker!!

The Belton Family said...

I love that helmet! And the fact that it is twice as big as her head!

Jonathan and Kendra said...

LOL. I know...the helmet cracks me up! It's HUGE! That's half the reason she toppled over when Charley took off. She was top heavy! LOL! It's the smallest helmet we could find in-store. We should've searched online for an infant helmet...this one's a toddler helmet.

She's so silly!

And I'm not sure why she kicked Charley and told him "go"...she doesn't usually do that. She was just so excited to have him visiting!

Anonymous said...

wow! that was our saturday nite entertainment! sooooooo funny.we had to watch it twice.
-jeni re' & roy