Sunday, January 4, 2009

22 Months Old!

Sweet Hallie turned 22 months old on January 2nd! We are nearing the two year mark so quickly. It seems like only yesterday that our hearts bubbled over with joy at her saying "da-da"! Now her vocabulary is so full, it's hard to keep up with all of it. We are just so proud of how our little girl is growing. She is a complete joy to be around, and we are so blessed to have her in our lives!

Some favorites: "nuggies" (chicken nuggets in almost any form), milk, orange juice, Moe (her monkey), shoes, Mommy's jewelry, getting into Mommy's make-up (she is so cute--she knows exactly where everything goes!)

What she has said lately: "I try." "Go, Momma." "Turn ah [insert Elmo, Word World, car, and various other things] , Momma." (turn on, Momma), "Osh." (off), "Your phone ringin', Momma." "C'mon!" "You get it, Momma." "Uv oo, Da-da." (I love you, Da-da. Aw!!) "Dum." (gum) "Cook nuggies." "I hep." (I help.) "Peese." (please...usually on the end of requests--often prompted, too, though.) "Thans." (thanks...often whispered) "One, two, fife." (one, two, five...this is how she counts right now! heehee.)

What she loves to do: Dance, wear Mommy's shoes, get into Mommy's jewelry and make-up, singing (her ABC song, and she makes up her own little songs), play with Daddy, watch Word World, play outside

Here's our little sweetheart:


Stephanie said...

oh kendra, she is so precious. can we push a pause button and make them stop growing up? i can't believe sweet nora will be 3 in a month!!

Scroggins Family said...

Hello Hollywood! She is growing up so fast-I can't believe she is approaching 2. Just wait until preschool years-such large opinions for such small little munchkins=)

But remember, they are a blessing from God (and you were that age once too)

The Belton Family said...

What a sassy girl! All of our kiddies are growing up so fast. Before we know it they will all be in kindergarten!

The Canada's said...

They grow up so fast! Sounds like Hallie and Lakyn watch the same thing in the morning:) Love the sunglasses on her!


Joy said...

oh, I just love the one of her sashaying her hips, like she is just dancing along!! Sweet girl!

Somedays I really wish time would just freeze so we could just savor these days even more!