Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!

Happy Birthday to my sweet husband, my guy, my very best friend, the person I love to laugh with, be silly with, sometimes pick fights with, spend time with, dream with. He is the most wonderful husband and daddy I could ever hope for!

Happy birthday, love! Hallie and I hope your day was wonderful!

For Jonathan's birthday, Hallie and I took balloons and coffee and a cinnamon roll from Starbucks to his office. It was our first visit, so we got to see his new place and meet the many firendly faces he works with. Afteward, we met Jonathan's parents, brother, and grandmother at Outback for a birthday dinner. Hallie was a handful and only wanted to play with this little activity table they had. However, it was a good night (in terms of "winning"--haha) for Mommy and Daddy...after some reasoning and a talk away from the table with Hallie, she decided she would eat her supper. She was rewarded with some activity table time. Man, who knew raising a toddler would be so hard?! :o) After dinner, it was back home to celebrate with some gifts and a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake! We all had a wonderful time celebrating 31 years of Jonathan!

The cake

Hallie loved the little smiley face candles and
"helped" Daddy blow out his candles.

A familiy photo...although a pretty rotten one. :o)

My goofy brother-in-law and sweet Grandmommy.
Jeremy made her put this little crown on. It was
very much against her will!

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Kristen said...

Don't tell me raising a toddler is hard... I'm only at the beginning, sigh. I'm currently reading What to Expect the Toddler Years. The librarian is ordering the Happiest Toddler on the Block. And Jimbo bought me The Everything Toddler Book. I know that reading won't fix what we are going to face, but at least I will know what to expect and be a little more ready for it, lol. I just pray that we are the best parents we can be!