Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oh So Cute!

I have to post about these cutie pie jeans Nonna got Hallie. Sometimes I put little clothes on Hallie and am just amazed at how stinking cute they look on her. I wish I could look that cute in my dark washed jeans! haha. These pictures are for you, Nonna...with one from naptime (or lack of naptime) thrown in! I'm not sure what's going on, but Hallie has skipped her nap the past three days. This is completely not acceptable in my book. So if you have some napping suggestions for an almost two year old, please...send them our way!

Hallie had almost every stuffed animal in her arms!
There were so many I coudn't get them all in the
picture. She named the ones she had for me:
Kitty, Righty, Bunny and Moe plus her blanket.

These jeans are just too cute. The little ruffle at the
bottome make them oh-so-girlie!

Nonna, these are the shoes we got in exchange
for the other brown ones. You can't see their
cuteness...maybe I'll get a better picture later!

Look at that sweet face in that adorable sweater!

Here's Hallie again, making sure the doors to our
pantry are closed. :o) She has on the cutest
little pink Keds (which she traded for the new
brown ones once she saw, we didn't
exchange the cute pink Keds!)


Anonymous said...

That's my little cutie pie! Wish I could just squeeze her to pieces. Glad you found some brown shoes to exchange for the others. Hugs & kisses, Nonna

The Belton Family said...

Hallie is too stinking cute in those. I also wish that I could look that good in my jeans. I even wish mine had a ruffle. =)