Thursday, January 15, 2009


Our sweet Hallie has become quite the conversationalist! It is precious to watch her vocabulary grow and her ability to communicate blossom by the minute! While we don't like being away from her during the day, we are very thankful that she is in a place where she is talked to a lot! We think that is so important in building her vocabulary!

My mom sent two little matching games home with us at Christmas. One matches the mommy animal to the baby animal and the other matches colors. Hallie can put together a lot of the mommy-baby cards and a few of the colors. Her favorite thing to do is to name the pictures on the cards. She also does this with her peek-a-boo blocks. It is so fun to hear "bird, car, bebe (baby), line (lion), cup, soos (shoes), momma (picture of a woman), too-bush (toothbrush), shirt, pane (plane), tchain (train)" and many others from the other room! She has also started "reading" her books a lot! I absolutely love it!

Last night, Hallie and I had this conversation while she was bathing:

Me: Did Rah-Rah pick you up today from Miss Pattie's?

Hal: Yais. (This is a move from simply nodding "yes"!)

Me: Well, what did you and Rah-Rah do this afternoon?

Hal: (pointing and moving her arms wildly) jibberish...jibberish...I saw park. jibberish...jibberish...I pay (play)...Rah-Rah played (yes, played!). We played da park.

Me: Wow! You and Rah-Rah went to the park to play?!

Hal: Yais.

Me: Did you have fun?

Hal: Yais. I side (slide). I swing. Rah-Rah side (slide). We go home.

Me: You and Rah-Rah slid together?! Did it get cold outside and you went home?

Hal: Yais. It cold. I home. (She has really started saying "I home" or "We home" when we get home!)

A very pleased Hallie happily finished playing in the bathtub while a very proud mommy shed a tiny tear at the thought of having a true conversation with her little girl. She is getting so big, and it's happening way too fast! It was so much fun to talk with know she was understanding me and for her to respond in a way that I could decipher! I can only imagine what all her jibberish was telling me! :o) And I absolutely LOVE that she has started answering with a verbal "yais"!


The Canada's said...

So adorable!!! Love the conversation.


Scroggins Family said...

Just you wait-the conversations are way too much fun. I can't believe she is almost 2! They do grow up way too fast but it is such a fun time

The Belton Family said...

The conversation is just priceless. It's so fun to watch the little people grow and change. I can't believe that it is almost time for another birthday!