Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Naming Names...

At Christmas, Nonna sent Hallie home with two puzzle/matching games--mommies to babies and then colors. Each match is a puzzle piece that fits together. Surprisingly, Hallie can match several of the mommies to the babies: mommy and baby, dog and puppy, cat and kitten, penguin and chick (!), elephant and calf, cow and calf. The colors...not so much. :o) But she absolutely LOVES naming the objects that are featured in the colors game! And when Jonathan holds up a card and asks "What's this?" She will quickly reply with the answer as if she's on a game show! Cup, phone, frog, berries, fish, flower, catty cat (cute!), dog, and so on. We were extremely surprised at what she named three of the objects. You'll be surprised at what she calls them...and without absolutely no prompting from Mommy or Daddy. Oh, it would've been cute even if we had prompted her, but it is definitely cuter b/c we didn't! Of course, the quality isn't so fabulous b/c she knew we were videoing...and she had already answered Daddy's requests about 5 times before the video shoot. But, it's still cute, nonetheless! I don't want to spoil the fun of what she says. I will post below the video what she's saying...I'm not sure if she names all three of the items or just two. Either way, it's pretty sweet. :o) This was captured after we got home from the park...Hallie spent a little "school time" with Daddy!


Hallie names Dada's buttons b/c she always points to and names the buttons on his shirt. She names Pop's hat b/c he is always wearing a hat. And she names Nonna's shoes b/c they look like little slippers and Nonna always wears slippers (unless we're out and about) and we got her some for Christmas. It is amazing what Hallie can associate with pictures! I love it!


Scroggins Family said...

I love that video-her first homework assignment:)

Amy said...

Sooo Cute!!! I am working on my blog too, it is still in progress and I am so jealous of your background I can't stand it...I'll find one...eventually that I love...I guess. :(