Saturday, February 7, 2009

Catching Up!

My, oh my! It has been almost two weeks since my last post! Believe me, it's not because there's nothing going on around here! Quite the opposite! I think it's safe to say that I take pictures/videos of some silly something sweet Hallie is doing almost daily. I'm sure she is tired of Mommy with the camera by now. In fact, she can be doing something SO cute, but the second I get the camera out to capture the moment for a lifetime, she stops...or does the opposite of what she was doing. She is such a mess! A mess with the sweetest, cutest little personality I have seen in a toddler! We love her SO much!

So, I'm going to play catch up. First, let me post a few things Hallie is saying these days and some of her favorite things. She keeps us laughing with some of her sayings. :o)

*Do-duts (doughnuts). These are her favorite right now. And Saturday morning has become "do-dut day". :o) She gets so incredibly excited about getting doughnuts!

*"Good job, Momma!" (or Daddy, or whoever she's talking to). And she uses this correctly--it is so cute! If she asks for help to get something, she'll say "good job" after we help her. Precious!

*She is such a little sharer. She gets a piece of gum before she gets in the bathtub every night (we started this a while back when we were having a hard time getting her to take her medicine for, she'd get a piece after she took her medicine). She LOVES gum and will do almost anything for gum! When she gets a piece, she breaks it into three. She puts on in her mouth, hands one to me and says, "He-ah (here), Momma some." And then takes the other piece to Daddy saying, "Dada need some." Cute!

*Whenever Hallie has a snack she doesn't want in the car, whenever we stop she wants to throw it out for the birds. She'll say "Git it, burds! Git it!"...I think it is the cutest thing in the world!

*She is really getting the hang of saying please and thank you. Please is more consistent right now, but she says "thanks" at the sweetest times. She'll ask for help, "Help, Momma, please." And whenever I do what she has requested, she'll say, "Thanks, Momma" without being prompted.

*The girl loves shoes. And if she likes the shoes you're wearing, she will tell you that your shoes are pretty. "Pitty shoes, Momma." :o)

*She picks up on words SO quickly, she's just a little sponge. A toy wasn't working today and I said it needed new batteries. She walked over to Jonathan and said, "Need new batt-ies, Dada."

*When she thinks Jonathan and I are being silly, she lets us know! "You're silly, Dada. Silly, Dada!" lol.

*Singing "Ole Donnad" (Old MacDonald)...she loves the EIEIO part, "I Wish" (Rascal Flatts' My Wish), ABCD! (she says this so cutely along with the letters to J--give or take some while singing).

*Counting things...she can count on her own to two, but will repeat your counting if you're counting with/for her.

*She loves "nuggies" (chicken in pretty much any form) with "ransh" (ranch), green beans (most days), broccoli (so says her "teacher"), edamame beans, spaghetti, butter on anything (or plain if you're not watching her!), rice, "Cheer-o's" (Cheerios), cu-cakes (cupcakes), gum, and can-cane (candy canes)--I keep forgetting to put those away! :o) She loves anything with flavor--she ate a sour gummy Lifesaver the other night and didn't even blink...and those things are SOUR!

Gosh, there are SO many things that I wish I would never forget...little things she says now that just crack us up. She is so sweet! She is now 23 months old and weighs almost 24 pounds. I'm not sure how tall she is exactly, but she's taller than any of us give her credit for. She'll pull something off the counter and we'll realize that she's getting taller right before our eyes! It's hard to imagine, b/c we just want her to stay this little bity thing!

Now...if you have gotten this far, without any pictures, then you are a true friend! ;o) Pictures coming soon in the next few posts! I like to keep the pictures in order.

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