Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Heart Day! <3

Happy Valentine's Day...I love Valentine's Day! All the mushy cards, the chocolate candy, the words love and pictures of hearts everywhere. Ah...can't every day be Valentine's Day?! :o) I'm sure some of my friends are gagging right now. ;o)

I had big expectations for our Valentine's Day as a little family! I wanted to have Heart Day breakfast at Cafe Cappuccino with the rest of Waco (HA!), I wanted to take Hallie to Build-A-Bear and let her put a little heart filled with love in a little stuffed animal, have lunch at Chick-fil-A, nap, and then I wanted to have dinner somewhere that wasn't crowded. Then I wanted to pull out my surprise that I had up my sleeve! all expectations quickly receive disappointments, as did mine. Sigh. Jonathan had to go to San Antonio on business Thursday night and didn't get home until yesterday. Well, that doesn't effect Valentine's Day...true. And he did bring Mommy a sweet rose, Hallie a new DVD, and supper form Chick-fil-A! :o) I just needed to throw that in there. haha. I had a math workshop at SCHOOL--the farthest place from romance I know--this morning at 8:30! It was over at 11:30. So no breakfast with the rest of Waco this morning! Just some teacher friends. Hallie was out of milk, so a little trip to the grocery was in order after my workshop. And I'm just one of those people who like to meander around the grocery when I only need one thing! So getting milk took an hour. Another sigh. Hallie's taking a late nap, so no Build-A-Bear or lunch at The Chick.

So here is how our Valentine's has gone: Wake up late for workshop...surprise surprise. I still go to Sonic for my necessary sweet tea. Hallie is crying the entire time I'm getting ready which almost pushed me to tears. Had I not been running so late, I would've snuggled her and wiped away those tears. But that was Daddy's job! So cartoons it was! :o) While I headed to a workshop and enjoyed yummy breakfast tacos and doughnuts from Shipley's, my sweetie and my mini-sweetie did a little Daddy-Daughter breakfast tradition: "Do-duts" from Shipley's. :o) So I guess we kinda had breakfast together? I learned lots at my workshop...Daddy and Hallie went to see Grandmommy (J's grandmother)...and Hallie calls her Grandmom. It is SO cute! I went to HEB, got much more than I went in there for (remember my list: milk), and headed out probably an hour later with candies, chocolate covered strawberries, a balloon, and more treats for Hallie. I needed a camera batter, so I headed to Target and bought said battery. Whew. I called the Hubs to see if I should get something for lunch and he said an egg roll from Jack in the Box. OK. Went there...they were closed. Grr. I got home irritated b/c I sweating (even though it's 53 outside), had no lunch for the Hubs or Hallie, and my arms were full. I was disappointed b/c I wouldn't be able to get Hallie's goodies together before her nap b/c she was pretty cranky (and hungry!). I picked a fight with Jonathan, he took it, and I later apologized. Sigh. I fixed the little girl some nuggies, heated some leftover mac and cheese, and cut up an apple. And the stinker ate EVERY bite I fixed! Daddy still hasn't gotten lunch. Oops. I fixed a little Valentine bag for Daddy from Hallie and she took it to him (pictures posted later). Then I started a washer of clothes that are currently drying (man, I need to get those navy pants out before they shrink!) Hallie is now napping. I wanted to embroider her a shirt that said "Baylor", but I can't find ANY of my embroidery thread/needles/hoops. Grr. Should I pick another fight with Jonathan? Nah.

Whew. The surprise portion of Valentine's Day should go off without a hitch. Hallie and I are taking Daddy to the Baylor-Texas A & M basketball game tonight.

I'm realizing that I should've named this post "Valentine's Ramblings"! :o)

I'll post pictures later of Hallie getting her Heart Day surprises and from the Baylor basketball game! I hope she has as much fun at the basketball game as she did at the football game! :o)


Scroggins Family said...

Our Valentine Day was not much better! Tom had to participate in a Chili cookoff, Em and I are sick and now we are all just tired and cranky. Not to mention, the laundry!

We are celebrating tomorrow if we are all better!

I'm with you-Valentine's should be every day!

The Belton Family said...

I am also one of those people that likes to roam around the grocery, Target, Walmart, no reason required. No simple quick trip here! I figure that if I spend the time packing Taft a bag to go somewhere then we need to be there a little while.

Taft and I spent the day together shopping while Shane cleaned the floors at the house. Then we had dinner together and came home. Taft is asleep and I am not far behind.

Can't wait to see those pictures.

I do love Valentine's but I love, love, love, all the little bunnies and chicks out for Easter. =)