Saturday, February 7, 2009

Here, Fishy Fishy!

Jonathan decided that he wanted to get a little fish for Hallie b/c she loves fishies SO much. Last week he came home with a little starter aquarium and set it up. She didn't notice it until today. When she saw it, she became VERY excited! It was empty, so she was quickly on to something else. When naptime drew near, we told Hallie that when she woke up we were going to go pick out a fish. She was very excited about this...almost too excited to take a nap! But she finally dozed off after cuddling with Mommy for a little while. For the few minutes before her snooze, she talked about going to get a fish. When she woke up, Jonathan went in to get her. She said two things. First was Momma and the second word was fish! I can't believe she remembered. She was so excited as we were getting ready to go. She had a great time at the pet store, looking at all the fish. We couldn't decide on what fish to get. We didn't want a Goldfish but we didn't want to spend a whole lot of money on something that might not live very long. Jonathan and I were talking and turned around to find Hallie staring into one of the aquariums--full of Black Molly fish. We walked away and looked at some others, but she would go back to that tank. So we decided to get one of those and then one of another. She was very proud of her fish and was kissing the bag, talking to them. We've put them in their new home and every now and then she'll remember they're there and say "Fish!" and run in to check on them. :o)

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The Belton Family said...

I hope that Hallie's fish live even longer than Darryl! Just remember that city water has to have Chlor-out added or they will die. =)