Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sesame Street Live!

Sesame Street Live was a hit! Hallie had so much fun. She was extremely excited this morning as we were telling her that we'd see Elmo soon. She did not protest getting dressed AT ALL! :o) Believe it or not, we weren't really running late...until we were almost there...and we saw blue lights. Sigh! Jonathan obediently pulled over, and the very kind policemen asked if we were having an emergency. We said that we weren't, just that we were heading to see Elmo Live. He kinda gave a chuckle, walked away to license and insurance and then came back to the car. He asked what time the show started and Jonathan said it started at 10:30 (it was 10:20 at this point). The officer told Jonathan to slow down next time and to "enjoy your Elmo show" with another chuckle. haha. As we drove away, we noticed the two officers chuckling. I told Jonathan that I bet Officer A was telling Officer B "that poor guy, I couldn't give him a ticket...sitting through Elmo live will be punishment enough"! LOL!

Once we got there, Hallie was even more excited than before. When the performance started, each character came out one by one to introduce themselves. Hallie--and several of the kids around us--kept asking for Elmo. He was, of course, last to come out since he was the star of the show! At one point, Jonathan turned to me and said, "I wonder how Big Bird feels these days, not being the star of the show anymore." The kid in me got a little sad b/c Big Bird was ALWAYS my favorite--I even had a Big Bird cake for my birthday party in kindergarten! I'm sure Jonathan knew this would tug on this momma's heartstrings! lol. About half way through, there was a 15 minute intermission. And of course, the vendors had to make their way down the aisle to the very front with a bouquet of huge Elmo balloons (I should've taken a picture!) along with cotton candy and sno cones. Seriously...that's just mean. Thankfully Hallie's not at the "I want! I want!" stage yet, but there were many children who were, and I heard their desperate cries! haha. Hallie and I went up to get some cotton candy (YUM!) and I let her choose the color (blue or pink). She of course chose pink. I would have definitely chosen blue. :o) haha. She saw all the balloons, and Jonathan and I were ready to shell out the money at her request; thankfully she didn't ask for one--we were a little surprised b/c she loves balloons! We were also thankful b/c those Elmo-face balloons were TEN dollars! Jonathan took a little break from the festivities and came back with a sweet little t-shirt for our Hallie with all the main characters on it. He's such a sweet daddy! After the show, we headed to Chick-fil-A for some lunch and then home for a nap. Hallie woke up from her nap (that wasn't nearly long enough) talking about seeing Elmo and waving to him, how the show was over but maybe she'd see Elmo again, and how Cookie Monster ate all his cookies! Such a smart cookie!

Hallie and Daddy before the show started.

Waving wildly at Elmo when he came on stage.

The show was "Elmo's Green Thumb". Here he is with
his sunflower, Sunni.

Enjoying the popcorn!

Hallie was a little wiggly at the end, so she thought the view
might be better from the steps.

Sunni the sunflower was planted in Big Bird's garden! :o)

Mommy and Hallie after the show!

Sunny Days!
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Looks like you had a great time!