Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentines Part Two!

So I posted on the day of Valentine's that our day hadn't quite gone as I would have liked. But that doesn't mean it wasn't wonderful! After Hallie's much needed nap, she awoke...grumpy! lol. Before her nap, she gave Daddy his Valentine gift--some Skittles, chocolate covered strawberries, and Twizzlers. :o) Hallie had "signed" a card just for Daddy. As she was writing her scribbles, she was sweetly saying "d, o, t, o". I'm not sure what that meant, but I deciphered it as "I love you, Daddy!" :o) After Hallie woke up, she got some goodies of her own! We didn't have much time to get going after Hallie woke up, and ended up being late to the Baylor basketball game anyway.

We weren't sure how Hallie would react to it all, but we thought she would love it. She was a little uneasy at first, but by the end of the game, the girl had perked up and was making herself at home--dancing in the aisles and waving to the people around us. Some really great friends were at the game--Kevin and Kelly--so we sat with them. When it was over, we all headed to IHOP for a tasty supper (tasty to us anyway, poor Kevin and Kelly got sick!)! Hallie loves IHOP, so she was definitely happy. The girl can put away some "panpakes". :o)

When we got home, we checked the from Nonna and Pop! Hallie was very excited to get hers opened and quickly began "reading" her card (we also got a little spending cash!). Jonathan was snapping pictures one after the other, and his subject was getting royal peeved at him. She kept saying, "Stop, Dada! Stop taking pictures!" We laughed at her expressing exactly what she wanted. We have a video of her telling Jonathan to stop...and you can tell she's trying to remember what it was she said (to stop taking pictures), but she can't get it out again.

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