Monday, March 23, 2009

All My Stuff

Hallie gave her loving wake up call around 8:30 Saturday morning. When I went to get her, I changed her diaper and asked if she wanted her pillow and blanket to go to our bed (as she does every Saturday morning). She said, "Yes." Then she said, "And Moe." We got Moe. Then Hallie wanted back in her bed. I was confused as to why she wanted back in her bed...but then her reason quickly followed as she began to name off everything in her bed while handing it to me. "And Righty. And Pink Pig. And Pink Piper Pig. And Baby. And this baby. And Kitty Cat. And Curs Jurge (Curious George). Oh no! Baby's hat! Get Baby's hat! And this (her toy)." My hands were full, to say the least! Then Hallie looks at me and says, "Get me, Momma!" LOL! So hands full, to Mommy's and Daddy's bed we traveled...and here is a quick snap of all Hallie's loot! :o)


Alicia said...

So cute!! She's a good little momma to her babies. :o)

The Belton Family said...

Sweet Hallie is not a light packer! Nothing wrong with being prepared!

Anonymous said...

Oh my sweet girl! She's a mess!! Too funny! Hugs & Kisses, Nonna