Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Influence of an Uncle

My, oh my! Hallie absolutely LOVES her Uncle Jeremy...aka Unca-Jay. And whenever we get together with the family, she always ask if he is coming. He is not afraid to get down in the floor and act like a little kid with Hallie and she loves it! Monday night we had the family over for supper...Jeremy got here a little early and Hallie was SO excited when she saw him at the door. I was able to finish cleaning up and get things started while Hallie played and played. The living room was awfully quiet...when I walked in, I saw Uncle Jeremy "teaching" Hallie to write on her foot. I'm not sure what it is with the Echols family teaching Hallie to write on herself, but it definitely runs in the family (sorry, RahRah! heehee!). Hallie was so excited to show off her artwork...now I wonder how many months it will take us to teach Hallie not to write on the bottoms of her feetsies. That's OK--she loves her Uncle Jeremy!

The lesson...

The left foot finished.

The right foot finished.

Hallie's "after supper ice cream"--mostly
on her mouth and shirt! HA!

Fun Hallie-Jeremy pictures...they were screaming
as loud as they possibly could! Fun!! Look at
her little clasped hands! So cute!

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Scroggins Family said...

You can just "feel" how much she loves him in these pictures! Emily is like that with Uncle Ben too. We are lucky that they have special people in their lives:)